Geographische Informationssysteme

Software independent solutions for all your geospatial data needs from professional to desktop solutions, web based or client applications.

  • GIS needs analysis and consulting
  • Population density and priorities of network expansionGIS project management
  • Geomarketing
  • System and database design
  • System expansion and customer customization
  • Project implementation
  • Data collection and data conversion
  • system integration
  • System and database administration
  • 3D visualization
  • GIS Web application

The combination of GIS experience and technical engineering expertise allows us not only to understand your data, but also to check it and to provide it in the system as needed. We guarantee top quality through structured work processes and the use of automated test tools for quality control. Whether your needs are in the field of system design and development, or in data collection and conversion, Realworld ECHO has sufficient resources and the necessary experience to meet your needs.

Our experience in processing data collection projects and data migration of extensive network structures (18,000 km of digitized routes per year) gives our customers confidence that we deliver high quality at competitive prices.

We have a comprehensive expertise in market-leading software systems (GE Smallworld, ESRI, Intergraph, MapInfo, AND, AutoCAD, Microstation, Mapserver) and provide you with the right solution for your network and your requirements.


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