RealworldECHO maintains strategic partnerships with technology suppliers and complementary service providers to extend the scope, capacity and global reach of our portfolio. If your company would be interested in becoming one of our partners, please contact us by email with a proposal.  

  GE Energy

ECHO is recognized by GE Energy as a Solutions Provider for the Smallworld Suite of GIS products, our staff are certified for competency in the relevant core Smallworld and specialist Application areas.



ECHOL@bs provides engineering and implementation services related to carrier-grade IP Networks, IP Operations, and IP Services, particularly:

  • IP integration for broadband applications and solutions 
  • Applications Service Provider (ASP Hosting) of broadband applications and solutions 


ECHO Broadband Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

ECHO Broadband Inc.

ECHO Broadband Ltd (Ireland)

With offices in Malaysia, Ireland and the US, our former colleagues at ECHO Broadband provide additional resources for implementation of large scale and technical data conversion projects. Our long term working relationship provides continuity and a seamless project team for our customers.