USA Wireline Network Data Capture and Asbuilt into Smallworld PNI 4

Redrafting and incorporation of as-built changes in Smallworld PNI 4 to improve RF and Fibre network accuracy and enable network tracing functionality. The project scope includes:-

  • Lead regional specification workshops to establish requirements, graphical and technical standards, communication protocol and delivery acceptance processes for each drafting region.
  • Provide technical consultancy for initial setup of Smallworld database replication.
  • Redraft RF outside plant networks and translate Lodedata records into Smallworld PNI.
  • Redraft fiber network into Smallworld PNI, including extraction and recreation of splice attributes and connectivity from a legacy Oracle-based FRAMME system.
  • Document fiber paths, circuits, and rings in the Realworld Lightpath extension to Smallworld PNI.
  • Redraft all civil (strand) route features supported the RF and fiber plant.
  • Load the US national land base and grid system into Smallworld, clean-up unwanted layers and insert additional base features such as road edges, lot lines, and building boundaries.
  • Update as-built fiber plant records into Smallworld PNI after new construction via online Citrix connection.
  • Provide Customer address matching service to link billing system addresses to GIS with exception reporting.
  • Evaluate source data and provide a web-based management tool for Request for Information (RFI) process.
  • Develop and configure proprietary Smallworld applications to enhance redrafting and QC activities.