USA As-Built Migration Project in Smallworld PNI4.0

  • Data capture for cable network from a variety of different legacy formats into GE Smallworld PNI 4.0.
  • Civil Structures: Migration of all aerial and underground route components i.e. poles, strand & footages, bonds, grounds, drop arrows, mid-span junctions, risers, anchors/guys, house counts, pedestals, vaults, handholes, manholes, trench and conduits
  • RF Network Documentation: Migration of all RF components i.e. coaxial cable, active electronics (amps, nodes & LEs), passive components (taps, splitters & terminators) and annotations (EOL markers & data blocks)
  • Integration of RF objects with corresponding LODE data files
  • Network Connectivity: Ensuring fully connected structure route model in GE Smallworld PNI 4.0