German A/B and VK Line Documentation and ongoing "Redline" updates in Smallworld GIS

  • Migration of the trunk lines (A/B Lines) to the amplifier stations from assorted legacy documentation into Smallworld GIS.
  • Documentation of the main trunk lines with trenches and ducts, coaxial and fibre cables and amplifier stations
  • "Redline" updating of over 40,000 documentation changes under full document control.
  • Ongoing redline support for Operations.

Plan, Design and Upgrade Cable Network in Germany

  • GIS-based fundamental planning of 1.6 million home network
  • Software selection, system development, and integration.
  • The network designed and upgraded to 1.1 million homes, including RF, fibre and head-end design.
  • Facility design and construction management
  • Professional engineering consultancy services.
  • Designed and built the ISP services.
  • Designed and built the network operations center (NOC).
  • Staffed the NOC until ISH staff could be hired...
  • Trained ISH staff to maintain ISP systems and run NOC.