29 April 2019

A German customer went live today with a new PNI 5 database migrated by us, including multiple thread parallel processing; designs in progress; and data transformation from "placed" to "entered".

Our experienced data migration team were part of a full PNI implementation led by our partners.  We successfully migrated fibre and coaxial network data from a legacy Smallworld 4 database incorporating transformation both from "placed" to "entered" mode and from sheath to sheath_with_loc during the migration.   

The Migration was run across multiple geographic regions in parallel, making use of many parallel processing threads on 12 separate servers to significantly reduce migration run time.  Once the regions were complete and merged, the network was stitched together to preserve connectivity across regional boundaries.   Also, for the first time, this project included the migration of approximately 900 ongoing designs into separate database alternatives making use of the same parallel processing framework to utilise the available hardware efficiently.