Intelligent Network Inventory

Add system integration and process automation to make your network inventory systems aware of your actual network and how you run your business.

  • Use of leading GIS Solutions
  • Industry-leading integration solution
  • Communicate with the live network
  • Automated business processes
  • Customised Web Interface
  • Reports
  • Physical Inventory
  • Logical Inventory
  • Device configuration management
  • BSS / OSS integration
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • Configuration reconciliation

Imagine a network management system that is available to all of your staff and customers (if you wish) without local software installation. Simply open your web browser and call up the information you need.

Imagine a system that is integrated with market leading GIS solutions to manage your outside plant geospatial data and your inside plant with full network connectivity.

Imagine an inventory system that is seamless from the physical world of ducts and fibres, cables, shelves, cards and ports through to the logical world of transport levels, wavelengths, hierarchies, protocols, and interfaces.

Imagine a system that goes out into your network and interrogates the equipment, to discover what is installed, and how it is configured. This data is then made available to you directly to show the actual network configuration and is used to audit and report on the accuracy of your documented inventory system. Imagine a system that picks up incoming trouble tickets and categorizes them, runs the initial fault diagnoses and maybe even fixes the problem, but certainly, prepares the relevant data so that your troubleshooting teams can maximize their productivity and keep the network online.

Imagine your network operation center with the facts at its fingertips. Imagine a customer service center with reliable accurate feedback on network status and outages. Never again will a technician make changes in the field and be allowed to forget to update the drawings. Never again will the service engineer waste hours fault finding without knowing which documentation is up to date.

Imagine a system that has built-in schematic visualisation tools to help your human engineers find their way through the abstract layers and complex connectivity of modern network technology. Auto-generate schematic representations of your rack mounted equipment by following its physical and logical connectivity through the inventory database and use your GIS data to produce geo-spatial schematics so that real world connectivity between locations is instantly recognisable.

We combine industry leading GIS solutions with our customised open data structure stored in a scaleable RDBMS solution and integrated with a vendor neutral mediation solution that communicates with your network equipment. The results, reports and status information are presented through our customised web interfaces. We make the glue - the components are interchangeable to utilise your existing IT systems. Where your existing systems are ready for replacement we can use our independent experience to recommend the best solution from the marketplace.


Rather than imagining this contact ECHO Broadband to find out what Intelligent Network Inventory can do for you.